Terms of Use

Terms of Use for Jwala Solar

The internet shop functioning at www.jwalasolar.com is run by Embed Techlabz with registered office at Technology Business Incubator, NIT Campus P.O, Calicut,Kerala.


Shop – an internet shop functioning at the address www.jwalasolar.com selling products by way of the Internet.

Working day – means all the days during the week from Monday till Friday except for the days which by law are free from work.

Client – it is a legal or natural person making a one-time or repeated purchase in the Shop.

Client’s account – it is a base containing a Client’s data used to realize the made orders, the history of orders, data concerning payments and overpayments on account of orders.

Accepting and realizing orders

  • 1. a choice of the ordered goods
    2. a transfer method and delivery address to which the invoice should be issued (different addresses possible)
    3. a choice of the payment method
    1. The shop runs a sale of goods by way of the Internet. The information on the subject the goods are put on www.jwalasolar.com
    2. Orders from Clients are accepted via websites. Immediately after an order has been made a Client receives an e-mail stating that the order has reached the Shop.
    3. A Client by making an order concludes a sale contract of the ordered goods with the Shop.
    4. An order includes:
In case of one-time orders, first-time orders or orders made from a newly created Client’s account, a Client receives an e-mail requesting confirmation of the order made at the website and after that the Shop starts the realization of the order after having received the confirmation from a Client.
An order will be realized provided that the merchandise is in stock. In case of a situation when a merchandise is currently out of stock a Client is informed about the state of an order and he takes a decision regarding its realization (partial realization or cancelling the whole order).
A limited number of products are intended for promotional sale and the realization of orders follows according to the order of received order confirmations on these products until the supplies covered with this sale form are ran out.
An invoice is issued to every order.

  • 1. Changes in orders
  • Changes in orders can be made until they are realized (which is the moment when they are handed over to transfer). A client can cancel the whole order until it is transferred. Making the aforementioned changes is possible only via e-mail contact at the address book@jwalasolar.com.
    Changes in the order which are made via e-mail will be introduced only after a Client has been verified as the owner of the account or the order. Modifications in orders passed via e-mail concerning the change of the amount of the ordered product, the type of the ordered product, the address of a Client, the address of a delivery, and containing information regarding the return of an overpayment will be accepted to realization only in cases when the instruction will be passed from the e-mail registered on a Client’s account or given during the filling in of the data necessary to a one-time purchase.

  • 1. Prices of goods
  • All the prices of goods on the website of the Shop are given in the Indian rupee and they contain the value-added tax. Prices given by each product are binding in the moment of making an order by a Client.
    The Shop reserves the right to change the prices of their products in the offer, place new goods in the offer, conduct and cancel promotions on the websites of the Shop are introduce changes.
    The aforementioned right has no influence on the prices of the goods in orders made before the date in which the change of the price was introduced, conditions of promotions and sales.
    The prices of the delivery will be taken into consideration in the prices of the goods proportionally to their value or established individually according to the price list of the Shop’s deliveries, available for inspection in the FAQ/delivery price list section. The delivery of the products takes place in a way chosen by a Client and specified in the order.
    When Clients of the Shop use promotions included in the free transfer for the bought goods and subsequently use the entitled the Buyer possibility of returning the goods in determined by regulations periods, the price of return will be decreased by the price of transfer established according to the transfer price list in effect on the day of sending the product to a Client.
    The valid table containing the information on the delivery costs is available in the FAQ/transfer price list section.

    1. Order realization time
    It is the time which passes since the order has been accepted to realization up to the moment when the ordered products from the Shop are given to transfer by way of a chosen by a Client form of delivery, and only working days are included. Orders for products having various realization times are sent after the whole order has been collected.
    Orders are delivered by way of courier service to the address indicated by a Client or to the Supply Point indicated by the service of the Shop, depending on a Client’s choice made while placing an order.
    The Shop does not take any responsibility for not delivering or delays in delivering the product caused by a wrong address stated by a Client.

    1. Payment forms and overpayments
    A Client can choose the following payment methods for the ordered goods with delivery on the terrain of India:
    - electronic transfer payment, bank transfer payment
    The realization of an order begins after the procedure of placing an order by a Client has finished, which is after the electronic transfer payment or bank transfer payment have been made. In these payment methods the realization of the payment begins after the Shop has received a confirmation from the operator of the payment that the operation had been executed correctly.
    In case of a personal collection of a product in the Supply Point it will be given out after the amount of purchases had entered the account of Embed Techlabz.
    In case of chosen products the Shop reserves the possibility to exclude certain ways of delivering the products or payment methods.

    1. Complaints
    All the goods included in the Shop come from a legal source, are original and have the producer’s warranty of quality.
    If after receiving a product a Client finds defects in it, he can use the rights of the warranty directly from the producer of the product or in recommended services (in case of products under the producer’s warranty).
    A Client has the right to complain about the product in the Shop when:

    1. A product has mechanical damages which were caused during transport (in case of the courier service the package should be checked after it was delivered and if necessary, a protocol should be written out in the presence of the courier).

    2. Inconsistency of the product with the product in the order, or

    3. Manufacturing defects, however in this case the product is covered by the warranty. It is possible to exchange it or receive a repayment in the amount of the purchase price. The warranty does not cover or the repayment is not given in case of devices directly or indirectly connected or cooperating with the product which is under the warranty.
    In this case please contact the service of the Shop at the e-mail address shop@jwalasolar.com in order to submit the erroneousness. Next, after receiving a confirmation of accepting the application along with the identification number of the return parcel given by the service of the Shop, the product should be sent back as an economic insured parcel to the address of the operator of the Shop:

    Embed Techlabz
    #1, TBI, NITC
    NIT Campus Post
    Calicut, Kerala-673601

    The purchase invoice and the warranty card with a filled in ‘complaint/return’ section on the rear side should be attached to the product before sending it.
    The Shop does not receive any parcels sent back on cash on delivery.
    The complaints are investigated during 14 days from the receiving date of the product. In case of acknowledging the complaint the damaged product is fixed or exchanged to a new one and if this is not possible (for example, if the product is currently out of stock), the Shop will return the Client the equivalent of the purchase price or offer other available products. The cost connected with sending the damaged product is repaid after a positive investigation of the complaint.
    The differences in products which can be the result of different screen parameters are not a base for a complaint.
    The User has the right to get to know the operation manual of the purchased product. Damages caused in result of inappropriate use of the product are no a base for a complaint.

    1. The right to withdraw from an agreement
    It is possible only when the product was not used, copied or damaged in any way. The returned products have to be complete. Products which are factory secured from opening cannot be returned after the foil was taken off or the package was damaged.
    The returned merchandise has to be sent back along with the invoice with the ‘return’ section filled in. The Shop guarantees the repayment of a price equivalent to the price of the product. The money will be returned within 14 working days. The cost of sending the product back is not returnable.
    If a product was bought within the ‘free transport’ promotion the price of return will be reduced by the transport cost according to the transfer price list. The valid table containing the information on the delivery costs is available in the FAQ/transfer price list section.

    1. Personal data
    When a Client places an order in the Shop he gives his assent to place his personal data in the Shop’s base and use it by Embed Techlabz. for the purposes of the contract realization, and if a Client agrees to inform him about new products, services or promotion offered by the Shop. Personal data is not available to other subject for marketing purposes. Giving personal data by a Client and the consent to use it are necessary to realize an order by the Shop. A Client takes responsibility for giving incorrect personal data.
    The rights to access the data:

    1. Final ruling
    The sale contract is concluded between a Client and Embed Techlabz.
    Consolidating, securing, and making certain decisions of the contract accessible takes place by sending a print to a Client along with a VAT invoice.

    The goods presented at the website of the Shop are not an offer as defined by the Civil Code.
    The appropriate court for investigating disputes resulting from the sale contract is the court appropriate for the seat of the defendant or the court appropriate for the place of executing the contract.
    In cases not regulated in the following Regulations the regulations of the Civil Code and the regulations of the Law about particular consumer sales conditions and the change of the Civil Code, and the regulations of the Law about the protection of certain consumer’s laws and responsibility for the damage made by a dangerous product are in force.
    The Shop reserves the right to change the Regulations. All the changes in the Regulations are in force since the date on which they were put at the website. Orders placed before the change of the Regulations are realized in accordance to the Regulations in force on the day of the purchase.
    We invite you to use the FAQ and guide sites where you can find the answers to the most frequently asked questions.
    If a Client uses the website of the Shop he accepts the following Regulations. Copyright © Embed Techlabz. All rights reserved. The trademarks and brands listed in the Regulations are the property of their owners.